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Attention Massage Therapists!!!

Here, at Heavenly Health & Wellness, we know that you are always looking for better ways to serve your clientele. If you're familiar with what's currently happening in the wellness community, then you know that adding CBD lotion to massage sessions is on the rise; and for good reason. Regular users of CBD have noted that it can help greatly with better sleep and reduction in muscle soreness & inflammation.

There is a special place in our hearts for massage therapists because one of our owners happens to be one! So we have made an extra effort to offer massage therapy facilities a great deal and packaging specially tailored to meet your establishment's needs. We truly believe that CBD is a valuable addition to your menu. We know that it is important that you provide your clients with a phenomenal self-care experience. We pride ourselves in always supplying you with the highest quality products possible to assist you in those efforts.

Why Our Lotion?:

-All lotion is THC Free and safe for your clients.

-For YOUR convenience, lotion comes PRE-PACKAGED in portions ideal for a 30 min massage. You will know that you          have the perfect amount per session and won't have to worry about waste.

-Each 30 min massage will have 70mg of THC Free CBD.


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